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Creating Value with AI: Understanding to Act

AI Training Details

This training primarily aims to demonstrate how the implementation of AI tools, built with powerful algorithms, can contribute to creating value in businesses across various fields of activity. Emphasis will be placed on the success conditions that must be met for the successful implementation of these new technologies in businesses.

The training will illustrate this point by presenting examples aimed at automating repetitive tasks, facilitating decision-making, improving the supply chain, detecting fraud, or enhancing customer experience.

No prerequisites.

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1 day in-person


10 octobre 2023


21 novembre 2023


20 février 2024


26 mars 2024



An in-person session aimed at:


  • Understanding the contribution of AI in business to support business functions and improve process efficiency,
  • Knowledge of AI terminology and available learning models,
  • Awareness of the challenges and risks associated with using AI in business.

At the end of the training, participants will know how to:


  • Use AI language and some of the available tools,
  • Identify how AI can support different functions within the company,
  • Appreciate how AI could improve their business processes and support various company functions,
  • Act appropriately to initiate an AI integration project in their business environment.
  • Masterclasses by experts in both data science and management science,
  • Interactive discussions among participants,
  • Teamwork.