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Summer SCHOOL 2024

Summer School Details

The 4-day curriculum in the AI for Business Summer School is targeted to individuals interested in learning how to apply AI, data science and machine learning to business The lectures will focus on the areas of data science that have made the most useful advances over the last several years, including machine learning models, forecasting, optimization, computer vision and natural language processing. The classes will be organized around AI applications that have been developed to solve business problems in multiple industries.


Who Should Attend ? The AI for Business Summer School will be equally suited to students, members of academia and practitioners who seek a comprehensive introduction to the proper AI tools for business, including data science and machine learning models, along with best practices and use cases. Leading companies will partner with the AI for Business Summer School to present successful reference customer cases.


Apply online before May 31 th , 2024.




2 250 CAD


4 days in-person


  • The training provides a comprehensive immersion into the field of AI, enabling participants to
    develop a profound understanding of the concepts, models, and emerging technologies that
    underpin this discipline.
  • By integrating practical exercises with an open-source platform, participants can apply the
    theoretical concepts learned. This promotes a concrete understanding and the ability to apply this
    knowledge in professional contexts.
  • Interacting with AI experts allows participants to benefit from practical advice and gain unique
    perspectives. These exchanges contribute to broadening their vision and understanding industry
    best practices.
  • Visits to renowned companies provide a unique opportunity to observe the successful
    implementation of AI in real professional environments. This allows participants to draw practical
    lessons and inspire their own initiatives.
  • The integration of responsible AI principles emphasizes the crucial importance of developing and
    using AI ethically. This prepares participants to address ethical challenges associated with AI and
    contribute to the responsible deployment of these technologies.
  • The training also addresses aspects of AI governance and highlights the fundamental importance of
    data quality. These topics are becoming increasingly essential in the effective management of AI
    projects and the creation of reliable and responsible systems.
  • In addition, cultural activities and networking moments will foster an atmosphere conducive to
    informal exchanges. Participants will have the opportunity to share ideas, build professional
    connections, and explore potential collaborations.
  • Finally, exploring Montreal will enrich the experience by offering a diverse cultural context, which
    can stimulate creativity and inspire new approaches to integrating AI in various contexts.

The main goal of the summer school is to provide participants with a strong foundation in Artificial Intelligence and its main disciplines like data analysis and exploration, predictive modeling, forecasting, optimization, and deep learning. Open to non-specialists, the summer school will provide hands-on opportunities to develop models and apply them to understand and solve business questions.

Overall, the summer school provides a holistic learning experience, equipping participants with a combination of technical expertise, practical skills, ethical considerations, and a mindset for innovation, all of which are essential for success in the dynamic field of artificial intelligence.


Participants will be able to:

  • Develop comprehensive understanding of AI concepts, models, and emerging technologies.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios, enhancing their ability to implement AI
  • Leverage AI systems for quicker and more informed decision-making in various business
  • Develop a heightened awareness of ethical considerations in AI development and deployment,
    contributing to responsible AI practices.
  • Enhance interpersonal skills, networking abilities, and the capacity to collaborate with
    professionals in the AI industry.

Exposure to diverse AI applications, visits to leading companies, and the exploration of Montreal’s cultural environment will also stimulate adaptability and innovation, encouraging participants to think creatively and apply AI in novel ways.

  • Lectures.
  • Hands-on development.
  • Workgroup tasks and discussions.