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SKEMA Global Executive MBA

AI Training Details

The Global Executive MBA program at SKEMA Business School provides an outstanding journey tailored for experienced executives aiming to enhance their leadership skills and navigate complex transformations. The program aims to cultivate comprehensive leaders capable of sharing their vision and leading beyond complexity and industry expertise.

This program prepares participants to take on leadership responsibilities in a context characterized by uncertainty and the need to manage dilemmas. Through an approach focused on mobility, multiculturalism, and awareness of societal issues, learners acquire the skills necessary to drive organizational value creation and develop their leadership.


  • Expand skills to effectively manage various organizational aspects, starting with leadership in key business functions.
  • Gain expertise in critical value creation processes, from environmental analysis to strategy formulation.
  • Develop new sources of innovation and growth to ensure the company’s sustainability.
  • Become a responsible leader committed to transforming the organization in collaboration with all stakeholders and adaptable to future changes.

Location: This program spans 4 weeks with 5-day residential stays at SKEMA’s international campuses in Paris (France), Raleigh, NC (USA), Suzhou (China), and Belo Horizonte (Brazil). Courses are also delivered remotely through live webinars and online modules.

Target audience: This program is designed for senior executives, directors, operational managers, and senior project managers looking to advance their careers, contribute to their company’s success, transition careers, or start a new venture. It is particularly suitable for those preparing for new roles.



38 000 €


18 or 24 months part-time