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Women Leadership – Certified Program

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Discover our training program focused on “Women Leadership,” designed to highlight the essential complementarity in the field of leadership. Supported by in-depth research, our program tangibly demonstrates the link between diversity and performance, emphasizing the imperative to increase gender diversity within teams. We guide you through this transformation by providing practical tools and tailored collective support, adapted to your short, medium, and long-term challenges. Through our pedagogical approach centered on peer learning, you will forge valuable connections with other participants, thereby strengthening your professional network. Join us for an enriching experience where real-life scenarios, collective intelligence, and coaching form the foundation of your development.


  • Raise awareness of gender biases and overcome them effectively.
  • Establish a connection between gender parity and organizational performance to foster an inclusive culture.
  • Enhance assertiveness and the ability to speak up effectively.
  • Cultivate skills in influence and adopt a confident leadership stance.
  • Build a strong professional network and leverage allies to progress and succeed.

Training Structure: This program, equivalent to 3 days of training, offers flexibility with both in-person and remote sessions. It includes e-learning (1h30), a masterclass (2h30), in-person workshops (2 days), and virtual classes (3h30), led by experts.


  • Onboarding: Introduction to the program and your personal workbook.
  • Awareness of gender biases and overcoming them: Identifying stereotypes and best practices to promote gender parity.
  • Understanding the link between diversity and performance: Presentation of research by Michel Ferrary and the Observatory on the feminization of companies.
  • Development of assertiveness and leadership: Collective coaching to strengthen these crucial skills.
  • Experience feedback to evaluate progress and benefits gained.

Registration deadline: April 15, 2024



3 250 €

Skills are assessed through continuous assessments and a final evaluation, including professional scenarios, case studies, and quizzes. Certification is awarded to participants who have completed the entire program and passed the final assessment.

Certification is accessible to current or aspiring managers with at least 1 year of professional experience.

Funding: This program is eligible for CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation).

This course is eligible for the CPF​​.​